Added value for your startups

The goal of our program is to bring the best and most exciting startups in food and agriculture together with the top companies in the industry:


Cooperation with selected players from our corporate partner network.


Advance the market readiness of your startups through mentoring and support.


Close the next funding round through private equity or venture capital investments.

Twice a year, we welcome 5 startups for the five-month batch. The batch consists of several acceleration weeks in different locations, with several weeks between each for focus on operational work.

No shares, no fees, no downside!

Our selection criteria:

If your startup meets the following criteria we’d love to receive your application, no matter where in the world you’re from:

Is your startup real?

  1. Early stage startup team, not a single entrepreneur
  2. Ideas in implementation and not in discovery
  3. Existing customer feedbacks and already in use or close to MVP

Is it worth doing?

  1. Long term market advantage based on unique technology
  2. Clear relevance for the food and agriculture value chain
  3. Good chance-to-risk profile

Can it win?

  1. Growing global demand for the problems solution
  2. No regional, national or cultural market barriers
  3. Founders willing to create the world’s best solution to the problem


Bjoerne Drechsler

Bjoerne Drechsler
First Deputy Managing Director
«Ekoniva Technika-Holding» LLC
Member of the Management Board Ekotechnika AG

Leonid Yakovlev2

Leonid Yakovlev
Product manager

Elena Zueva2

Elena Zueva
Corporate Communications Manager

George Bilkis

George Bilkis
Manager Business Development and M&A
Group Strategy – New Business Ventures

Igor Bruevich

Igor Bruevich
General Manager
KWS Russia

Alexander Markevich

Alexander Markevich
Agri-business & Food chain
expert in Russia


Maik Laske
Group Treasurer bei Multitude SE,
Anbieter von digitalen Finanzdienstleistungen und -lösungen