Russian food and agriculture corporates are preparing for the transformation of their industry

Moscow showed itself in its most beautiful autumn garb when we met in the elegant event location of our partner SCHNEIDER GROUP for the kick-off of Terraforma.

Now the time has finally come. After years of preparation and creation of the Terraforma program, we are on stage today as the innovative drivers of the world’s largest economy, the food industry, meet in one of the largest countries in the world with one-sixth of the continental surface of the Earth to discuss how we lead this great industry into the future.

And they came: CEOs, Directors of Innovation, Associate Directors, 60 representatives of the entire value chain from the field plow to the point of sale. We were surprised with the great joy that came our way, because in Corona times these industry meetings seem to have become rare.

Predictions about the future of this industry have never been more promising and at the same time more elusive. In the coming years information technology will be followed by a multitude of technologies that can only be explored with the presence of this one. Especially when combined, these have the potential to change the food industry profoundly. With the advent of processes such as software-based food design, protein design, or the domestication of microorganisms, entirely new processes are emerging that have the potential to replace traditional manufacturing processes as well as existing marginal costs can be radically reduced.

After firing our gunpowder about S-curves, technology disruptions and systematic intuitive misreading of the future to sharpen which view of the future is the better one for our success, we enjoyed a first-class panel discussion performed by our partners Ekoniva, Metro Cash & Carry, Claas and KWS Saat. It was a pleasure for us to listen and see how well-prepared innovative leaders in the industry are for the potentials ahead.

As a startup accelerator with a clear mission to provide innovation services to companies in this industry, we focus on three areas according to Accenture’s principle of “set the wise pivot”: innovations address three goals: maintaining the core business mainly by reducing costs; expanding the core business through new processes, products or markets and creating the new ones, investing in the processes of the future, even if these are completely new.

We are very happy about the overwhelming feedback of the participants of this event. We thank our partners for the great support. It is a great and electrifying responsibility. We look forward to what lies ahead and to more companies and partners supporting our approach to the transformation ahead, join us and not stay alone.