Now available: Terraforma CAEE AgriFoodTech Radar 2022

An overview of current trends and challenges the AgriFood sector is facing as well as an interactive radar with 100 startups from CAEE mapped out based on the industry value chain

Do, 29. September 2022

Event von Terraforma Agri-Food Tech Community

Do, 29. Sept. 2022, 5pm to 6pm MET

The future of food will depend on technologies more and more to meet the needs for healthy and “convenient” food at the same time. Therefore, the market for alternative protein is growing and developing rapidly, and it is predicted that by 2040, 60% of all the meat consumed by people will be of the one produced of alternative protein.

So, what are the key technologies driving alternative protein?

Alternative foods vs. “classics”: what is currently happening in the alternative protein market?

What does the future of alternative proteins look like?

Let’s find the aswers to these and other questions together

October 2021

Food and agriculture corporates are preparing for the transformation of their industry

Moscow showed itself in its most beautiful autumn garb when we met in the elegant event location of our partner SCHNEIDER GROUP for the kick-off of Terraforma.

September 2021

Pitch Day for Batch # 1 completed.

Applications to BATCH #1

Dealflow (plan) Dealflow (fact)
200 Identified 197
100 Matching the criteria 95
15 Pitched 21
6 Selected 8


Bio design / Genetics
Food industry / Processing
Fertilizers / Irrigation / Crop protection products
Software / Drones